When people think about carpet cleaning, shampooing is usually what they envision.  Shampooing helps clean years of built up stains and dirt by deeply penetrating the carpet material.

Green Up your Carpet Cleaning

All Green Carpet uses only organic and environmentally safe solutions when we shampoo your carpet.  The detergent that we use has no harmful ingredients, which makes your carpet safe for animals and small children.  You won’t be inhaling chemical fumes or risk being exposed to harmful chemicals.  And what is the best aspect of this technique is that it won’t cost you a large amount of money.  We work with all budgets. 

Why a professional shampoo job?

When you make the decision to call All Green Carpet, you are making a sound choice in the health of not only you and your family, but your carpet as well.  With our organic cleaning solutions and top-of-the-line equipment, we can leave your carpet looking as good as the day it was installed.  Our solutions are free of harmful chemicals so that you can feel confident having a shampoo service performed.  We are trained in all types of carpets.  This means we know what type of treatment that will work best with your carpet for maximum effectiveness.  Call us today for a free estimate today and we’ll show you how you can have like new carpet at a cost you can afford!

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