Clean and perfect L.A. Carpets!

There are a number of carpets cleaning companies in Southern California.  We SoCal’ers love having carpet perfection.  And because we’ve been in this business a long time, we know EXACTLY what our distinguished and delightful customers want and need.  That is why choosing All Green Carpet is the right decision. We know what our customers want and what they need to maintain that carpet perfection!

No Two Carpets Were Created Equal!

Some homeowners think carpet is carpet and they all need the same care.  But it is very important to know that not all carpets require the same kind of care.  Each carpet type is made from different fabrics.  This means that each type requires a specific method of cleaning and repairing.  Synthetic is not going to react like a natural fiber would.  It would be like washing a delicate baby with a loofa sponge!  All Green Carpet wants your carpet to stay fresh and new! That is why we learn what carpet you have and then determine the most effective treatment for it.  Our technicians are fully trained in carpet types, so they’ll know right away what they are working with.

Your Carpet’s Condition

It may seem like a simple thing: Clean, shampoo and then you’re done.  But in reality, it is far more complicated than that.  Carpet cleaning is really a science.  The carpets composition, condition and even its color can dictate what type of cleaning method should be used.  Remember, we are trying to maintain the integrity of your carpet so it will last you a lifetime.  Fabric quality can degrade over time from normal wear and tear, so we want to help you keep it fresh and looking as new as long as possible.

Believe it or not, professional cleaners will SAVE you money!

Hardly seems possible, right?  How could hiring a professional carpet cleaner save you cash?  It’s very simple.  While going to your neighborhood market and renting a carpet cleaning machine seems to be the solution, you could be doing your carpet and your wallet a great disservice.  These rental machines can often damage your carpet because they are not designed to handle all types of carpet fabric.  Applying a generalized cleaning method to all types of carpet can lead to tearing and weakening of your carpet’s make up.  And if you have a business with carpets and are using your own maintenance team to clean, it would be better to call us.  One technician can do the job of an entire maintenance team with our advanced cleaning methods.  Putting your trust in professionals like All Green Carpet will save you time and best of all….MONEY!

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