What is the recommended frequency for a carpet cleaning?

Many carpet manufacturers recommend their products should be cleaned once to twice a year.  This often depends on where you live, how much foot traffic you have, if you have animals or small children.  Rural settings may require more frequent cleanings due to mud and dirt and well, we all know what kids and pets can do to carpets!  If you are having a hard time removing a stain or odor yourself, it’s time to give us a call!

How long should I wait for my carpet to dry after they have been cleaned?

When cleaning your carpets, we use a high powered machine that is able to remove most of the water out but there can be some residual dampness in the carpet.  We like to recommend our customers to open windows and doors if possible to let the air circulate in the house to help dry the carpets as well as remove any of that “wet carpet” odor that can occur.  Most carpets are dry within 3 to 4 hours after service.

I have some major stains that won’t seem to budge. Do you think All Green can remove them?

We are more than confident that our technicians can help.  They are trained all the up-to-date methods of cleaning and are able to identify the stain and find the right treatment to get rid of them.  We know all the tricks to remove even the most stubborn of stains.

Can “Green” methods of cleaning really get the job done as well as conventional methods?

We know that it seems like only hard and harsh chemicals can remove stains, but many of the new environmentally friendly products clean just as well, if not better than older chemicals.  These new methods have been repeatedly tested for quality assurance and effectiveness.

I have a bleach stain.  How can you fix that?

All Green has the ability to do spot dying for these kinds of stains.  We can even replace the bleached area with a near match to your own carpet.

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